Thursday, July 20, 2017
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38 Ways To Get Filthy Rich During The Trump Presidency

You may not agree with his politics, but the swearing in of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States should have every entrepreneur salivating.  Trump is not “draining the swamp” – au contraire, mon ami! The swamp is [...]

January 24, 2017 Business Start-Up, Entrepreneurship

Monique Woodard To Lead $25 Million Investment in Black Businesses

500 Startups is raising a $25 million dollar microfund to make early stage investments in Black and Latino founders. This fund will invest in ~100 companies and give Black and Latino founders the access to capital, networks, and expertise that [...]

September 7, 2016 Business Start-Up, Entrepreneurship
Do What You Love

7 Steps for Turning Your Passion Into A Business

You have a passion that you invest a lot of your time and energy into, but would love to transition it from just a passion into a money-making business? Here are some steps that you can follow that will make [...]

August 8, 2016 Business Start-Up, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
Trap Kitchen Former Gang Members

Former Gang Members Used Instagram To Grow Booming Catering Business

Malachai Jenkins and Roberto Smith at one point would’ve never saw eye-to-eye. Both LA natives pledged their allegiance to rival gangs, Jenkins a Crip and Smith a member of the Bloods. But after years of gang banging, Jenkins grew tired [...]

April 8, 2016 Business Start-Up, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

Chicago Businesses Partner to Offer Elegant, Affordable Prom Dresses From $50-$150

As prom season begins, the idea of paying several hundred dollars for a prom dress is overwhelming and simply unaffordable for many parents. To provide a more affordable solution, two Chicago businesses have partnered to offer young women stylish prom [...]

April 5, 2016 Business Start-Up, Entrepreneurship
Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green Wins $1.1 million Grant To Develop Laser That Kills Cancer Cells

When Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green receives invitations to be a guest speaker for professional groups, schools and nonprofit organizations, she almost never turns them down. “Usually if there is an invitation to speak at a forum like that, I accept it [...]

April 4, 2016 Business Start-Up, Entrepreneurship, Financing