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11 Affirmations Successful People Repeat Every Single Day

Accomplishments are based on actions, not on thoughts–yet the thought is always father to the deed. Achievement starts with an idea, a perspective, a point of view, or even just an attitude. (Ideas, perspectives, and points of view like these, [...]

April 1, 2016 Uncategorized

75 Must Read Quotes For Entrepreneurs To Live By

Every entrepreneur knows that the success of their business ultimately rests on their shoulders. This is especially true in the early days.  Yes, the product you build and the team you hire are important, but your ability to lead is [...]

March 4, 2016 Uncategorized

Need Money To Start Your Business? Drive Uber and Lyft

Struggling to get financing for your business idea? Driving for Uber or Lyft might just be the answer you’ve been looking for! We’ve already written extensively about the challenges entrepreneurs encounter while attempting to get business loans from banks. We’ve [...]

December 6, 2015 Uncategorized

Patti Labelle Says Viral Youtube Video Did Not Help, It Was All Because Of Her

In business and in life, very few things are accomplished without the help of others. This is a lesson that Patti Labelle obviously missed. In case you missed it, in the last week, Patti’s Labelle’s Pies have sold out all [...]

November 20, 2015 Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Personal Development, Uncategorized
Patti Labelle Pies

Social Media Helps Patti Labelle Pies Sell $2.3 Million in One Weekend

This weekend provided a perfect example of what is possible when you combine the $1.3 Trillion Black Buying power with the power of social media. On Wednesday, November 11th, James Wright posted a video to his Facebook page (video below) in which [...]

November 16, 2015 Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Uncategorized