Saturday, February 24, 2018
Black Entrepreneur

Does Crime Affect The Success of Black Businesses? A Case in Miami Suggests Yes!


A recent article by the Miami New Times reports that the focus on negative press is holding back black businesses in the Miami area, where 11.4% of businesses are black owned, compared to the national average of 7%.  As reported, cities such as Miami Gardens and Opa-locka are quick to be named when crimes occur, causing corporate and consumer dollars to look elsewhere to spend their money.  Opa-locka, which has the community resources of three universities and an executive airport, doesn’t attract employers who would typically love to have a potential pool of educated employees and easy access for corporate travel.

Should this be a deterrent from pursuing your dreams of entrepreneurship?  Absolutely not!  The philosophy that entrepreneurship can address some of our communities’ issues is a valid point and should be stressed as we rebuild and revitalize our neighborhoods across the country.  Some argue that the lack of opportunity is one of the predominant reasons the inner-city black community struggles today. How about this, let’s manufacture our own opportunities by starting businesses, employing the community and most importantly supporting black-owned businesses in the cities and towns we live in.

So here’s the challenge, let us know what you’re going to do in the next 48 hours to support black entrepreneurship. Let’s tackle the variables we can control today!

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